FaithCoin is the first and only secure Ethereum token embedded with prayer and bible verses. Words of God written in a token smart contract. This token is built from the ground-up to facilitate payments, donations, transfers and trading without sacrificing your security.

“Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the people!”
Psalm 96:3
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FaithCoin is a gateway currency to people of faith to the world of cryptocurrency.


Smart Contract code available on GitHub: token holders can look at the code, check it, and verify it.


The smart contract is embedded with bible verses. A perfect way to share your faith.


FaithCoin is also developed using safemath in its contract to protect the token from any mathematical attacks.


This token will be listed on different trading platform. Both centralized and decentralized.


Based on the ERC20 standard, FaithCoin can be bought, held, and transferred as a standard Ethereum token.

Why FaithCoin?

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The world has changed and the internet has changed, nowadays, cryptocurrencies have become an unalienable part of transactions like any other currency. In the world of cryptocurrency, one of its peculiarity is 24/7 trading. However, some trading token have qualities such as raising funds for porn website, online prostitution's, drugs, gambling and other ungodly things. This is deliberately implemented by some people to push their agenda of earning money out of these things. It’s time for the force of good to balance the fight of bad and good within the cryptocurrency community, which is why we created this token.

This token is the very first ERC20 token embedded with bible verses. Its main purpose is to spread God’s word and continue to live in this world in accordance with His words. Imagine each transaction, every time you transfer token to someone else, you’re transferring tokens that are through its smart contract which is encoded with biblical verses that reminds us of His words and inspires people to live their daily lives in accordance to His teachings.

Road Map

Quarter 4 – 2017

►Idea conception ►Smart conrtract creation ►Website creation ►ANN thread ►First airdrop registration

Quarter 1 – 2018

►First airdrop distribution ►Dex listing ForkDelta ►Dex listing Token.Market ►Dex listing DDex ►Second airdrop registration ►Second airdrop distribution ►Official whitepaper

Quarter 2 – 2018

►More DEx listing ►Bounty campaign version 1.0 ►Social media campaign v1.0 ►Centralized exchange listing

Quarter 3 – 2018

►Seed offering opens. (Incentivised product development for third party developers, token adopters) ►More centralized listings ►Bounty campaign version 2.0 ►Social media campaign v1.0 ►Locking of the Smart Contract token distribution function  

Quarter 4 – 2018

►FaithCoin mobilephone wallet ►FaithCoin launches first product / service. ►Roadmap 2.0 Preperation for Phase 2 ►Whitepaper 2.0 Preperation for Phase 2

Token Info


FaithCoin aims to be introduced to people of faith as the main coin to be used in trading and online transactions while spreading the words of God in all and every transactions done. It is time for us to be represented in the trading platforms. A coin for us, a coin that is parallel to our moral compass.

Token Information

Token Contract: 0xE531642e9bb5d027E9C20E03284287B97919a9a5
Do not send ether to this address. This is the token itself.

Symbol: FAITH

Decimals: 8
Token Issued
Token Holders
Tokens Remaining

Currently traded on:

Live Live Live
Live Live Live
Live Live Live

Target platforms:

This is definitely a wonderful project. Now people can have a choice on which coin to trade with in accordance with their faith and moral standards.

Seal10 Member
FaithCoin is the first ERC20 that’s designed for people of faith so they can use it for online transactions. I am a man of FAITH. Thanks dev.

SageJin Member
Wow! This is a good project. I see the project succeeding and moving far into the Moon. Great work by the developer.

sunny1356 Member
We are a small group of christian ethereum enthusiast and developers. We need all the the help we can get to make this project a success. If you think this is a good project, please consider donating. No amount is too large or too small, but to donate any amount will ultimately help us reach our goal Thanks in advance and God Bless.
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